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Spinning Mistakes

Indoor cycling, or spinning, seems like an easy activity: get on the bike, start pedalling, and voila! You’re on your way to fitness.

Unfortunately, no matter how simple indoor cycling may appear to be, there are mistakes commonly done (even by long time spinning enthusiasts) at times.

Making a mistake while spinning would not automatically result to physical injuries, but some mistakes can prevent you from getting the most out of your spinning workout.

These are some of the most common spinning mistakes you may be doing:

Not wearing the proper spinning outfit – This is one of the mistakes some indoor cyclists commit. When you get into your spinning class, make sure that you’re wearing appropriate attire, and avoid loose, baggy clothes that can be distracting to you while you’re doing the exercise. You may also want to choose an outfit that you’ll be comfortable wearing even when you are drenched in sweat from spinning. Suitable sports bra is also important to give your chest the necessary support while cycling indoors. Additionally, you should also wear proper cycling shoes that will allow your feet to stay secured on the pedal as you move so that you can focus better on your actual cycling, posture, breathing, and form.

Holding on to the handle bars tightly, for support – This is another mistake usually overlooked by indoor cyclists. The handle bars are there for safety, but you must not overuse them to support your weight while spinning. Instead, adjust your posture so that your weight is properly distributed on the lower part of your body.

Your seat is not properly set – Making sure that your seat is accurately set for your height is important in maximising the fitness benefit you can acquire from your spinning session. When your seat is properly set, you can also avoid some of the unnecessary back aches and pains you may get after indoor cycling.

Not stretching – Stretching is an important part of the entire workout and should not be skipped. Stretching will allow your muscles to adjust and elongate. Plus, stretching may also lessen the soreness and prevent injuries.

Holding your breath – Some people who practice indoor cycling may hold their breath at times, subconsciously. Don’t hold your breath; remember that your muscles need that oxygen so they can keep functioning more smoothly.

Tensing the upper body – When spinning gets a bit more challenging, it’s typical for some to tense and clench their upper body. Relax and loosen up. Focus your energy on the lower part of your body to get the most out of spinning.

These are just some of the frequent mistakes done while spinning. Avoiding these from happening can help you achieve a fitter physique much sooner. Try to avoid some of them on your next spinning class and notice the improvement you will get.