Tips to Become a Better Cyclist

Did you know that on estimate, an hour-long cycling can burn around 650 calories?

Yes, you’ve read that right! This just means that this fun exercise can have a huge impact to your over-all health and wellness. And if you are eyeing to become a better cyclist, then don’t go anywhere now because we will be discussing in this article some of best tips you need to know to improve in this sport.

First of all, if you want to become better, it is essential to be fit and healthy. To help you achieve this, all you have to do is to ride your bike more often. You can always start small. You do not have to go for long rides right away.

Another thing to consider is your outfit. Find something appropriate for the activity. Remember that safety and comfort are top priorities. If you are looking for the best cycling outfits, the most trusted brand is Gymshark. Known for their wide selection of sports and fitness clothing, you will surely find the right product for you. Just visit their official website and for big discounts, you can use a Gymshark coupon or discount code at www.thefitnessrecipes.com/gymshark-discount-codes/.

Aside from your outfit, your bike is equally important. Remember that cycling should be exciting. This is only possible with a good professional bike that perfectly fits what you need. Another thing to do is to know your speed and use it to your advantage. Set a goal for every ride. For example, you can go a mile an hour faster on your next practice. Just go with the pace that you are comfortable in.

If you want to replenish your energy during the ride, go for simple food items such as cereal bars and bananas. Think of it this way, food is the fuel to your body. If you have enough fuel, then you can also expect a better cycling performance. According to experts, you will need 60 grams of carbohydrates an hour. Use this rule the next time you plan your riding adventure to check if your food will be enough.

It will also help a lot if you work on building your core so that it will be easier to maintain your aerodynamic biking position especially for long rides. What you need to remember is that if you do the ideal low position, you will not be exposed to too much wind, which will help you to bike faster. Strengthening your core will also prevent too much strain on the back.

Moving on, you should also consider joining bike groups. This will not only help you improve your bike handling skills, but also widen your network of friends. Group rides are fun too. Being around people who has the same passion as you will definitely boost your motivation. According to a lot of cyclists, it is also a good idea to join those who ride faster than you. By doing so, you will have additional inspiration to improve your time.

The next tip is quite simple and self-explanatory. If you want to be better, you need to give your body enough time to recover. Some of the most important elements of the recovery process are rest, hydration, nutrition and stretching.