Cycling For Seniors

Cycling For Seniors

Cycling can definitely be an enticing workout not only for young adults, but for older fitness enthusiasts as well. Who wouldn’t be attracted in an activity that can help you be fit, can help you enjoy your surroundings while exercising, and can even help you save on transportation fees?

Joint and knee pains plus stress fractures are just some of the physical aches most seniors try to avoid during workouts. While these body aches, pains, and injuries are more commonly acquired from other sports like running, you aren’t likely to experience these burdens if you go for cycling instead. Knee or joint pains are an after effect of running due to the impact of your feet as they hit the hard ground, and because your feet are placed on the pedals instead of being in direct contact with the ground when you ride a bicycle, you would not suffer from these pains.

Aside from physical pains, the risk of getting a heart attack is also one of the fears seniors have that hinder them from engaging in any sport, including cycling. However, cycling can be an excellent way of strengthening your heart. The only time you should steer clear of cycling is when your physician advised that the workout is not recommendable for you.

Even though cycling can still be done by seniors, it’s always better to be prepared for safety. There are some changes our bodies go through as we age, and that’s normal. We may not be able to see as clearly as we did before and our endurance will deteriorate as we grow old too, that’s why we have to be extra careful while cycling in our senior years.

One of the safety precautions an older cyclist can take while riding the bike is to prefer cycling during daytime and under good weather conditions. Don’t take the risk of cycling at night when you may not be able to see as well as you would during the day. Cycling in the rain may also be risky since it will be more challenging to turn the corners on wet, slippery surfaces. It will always be better to be safe than sorry.

Cycling is generally good for overall health of anyone. A study performed in King’s College London and the University of Birmingham found out that specifically, for seniors, regular cycling can result to better memory function, improved reflexes, enhanced bone density, and increased endurance capacity. It’s not exactly surprising why seniors claim to feel younger thanks to cycling.

Another good thing about getting into cycling is that you can meet new people, other cyclists – you get to enjoy socialising once more.

If you want a workout that’s fun, economical, and sociable, it’s never too late to start cycling.